To Simply Let It Be

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'Let it be'… my new moto at the moment. I've found such freedom from my own expectations comes from saying this.

I'm realising how much my mind loves to put expectations on itself and to live into the future and then compare where I am at now to that place, which actually pulls me out of the present moment. With so much hype out there about visualisation, sensing in to possibilities, goal setting... I'm realising for me there is a greater need to be more present. 

This phrase 'let it be' brings me right back into now... brings me right back into acceptance of what is. 

The phrase 'let it go’ implies that something is not relevant, it isn’t worth the attention, but everything that we are feeling is relevant. It is coming from somewhere. We can only have the awareness to see it for what it is and work through it if we actually let it be... to see it for what it is. If we let it go, we never acknowledge what wants to be acknowledged. 

This phrase ‘let it be’ has jumped out like a light from reading the book 'The Art of Fear Why Conquering Fear Won't Work and What to Do Instead by Kristen Ulmer' and I’m still only half way through but it has been quite profound for me that I just had to write about it. 

This is not Kristen's exact words but something I put together that makes sense for me and is something that I am really present with at the moment;

Instead of 'let it go,’ simply 'let it be.' When you extract all the nutrients (just like eating healthy food) the thinking mind will let go of you.

The thinking mind will naturally let go of us when we naturally let whatever is wanting our attention to simply be. Hallelujah... or at least we are cracking open the door to peek inside ever so gently and sometimes that's all that's needed.

I’ve been playing with this and I’ve found that there have been many things that I haven’t wanted to feel inside of me but this simple phrase is allowing me to... slowly and ever so gently. What I’m finding is that there is so much beauty and wisdom in what is held deep and dark within us.  What we initially think is ‘bad’ or a ‘weakness’ or ‘shameful’ actually is so beautiful in its essence and once we feel it and hold space for it, our level of awareness expands. What this means is that we are able to be there more for ourselves and others and that is such a beautiful gift. One that I recognise that others have been able to do within themselves and I am so grateful to have those people in my life because they naturally are able to hold that space for me... thank you. What gifts people are. 

With love

Estée xx

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