Estée Manning

WOW what a journey life is. It feels like there are many lifetimes in one and I think I’m on my 5th now :-) But that is the beauty of life, the cycles that we move through and how those experiences, those puzzle pieces all continue to add to the story of our lives. To paint a picture of experiences that ultimately lead us to our bigger perspective of why we are here.

I believe we are living in the most amazing times ever. The awareness, the opportunities, the resources, the mentors and the support structure to step out and stand in who we are, one step at a time. They can be big, scary steps, but so very rewarding. It is a journey to continue to stretch beyond what we have known, to be open to the new, to feel the deep connection to life, to take responsibility and to live the beauty of who we are. The most beautiful gifts I believe we can give ourselves is to listen deeply to what we are feeling, build a beautiful relationship with ourselves  having tools to move through resistance, trust that life is supporting us and be open to co-creating with others generously amplifying the gifts in one another. But ultimately, be really grateful for this very moment and for what we have in our lives now. To simply be ok with where we are now and who we are right now.

So a little of my past story

From growing up with spiritual mum plus the rebellion teenager years of dreadlocks and tomboy clothes, I then found myself from 17 onwards on runways and doing photoshoots in Sydney, Melbourne, Milano, Hong Kong, San Francisco and doing TV commercials in Thailand, so my earlier years where quite the global adventure.

When I returned to Australia several years later, I moved to a remote 56 acre property with a beautiful rain-forest on it where began my obsession with permaculture and organic growing. While there I had my own website company and my funny, gorgeous daughter was born.

Fast-foward to now and living for several years on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I’m still playing in the website space (with hotels) but with my partner Brendan at Pebble Design. We are both super passionate about wellness and our direction is continuing to work with hotels but to help integrate guest well-being through many different ways in their hotels.

My journey for now is simply following my curiosity with the beautiful people that I find or who enter my life who have a greater wellness message and then sharing that with whoever wants to listen ;-)

My upcoming podcast show is called 'The Hotel Guest Well-being Show.'

With love, Estée xx

Question the status quo in a fun & loving way, with a sense of curiosity & playfulness.