Estée Manning

At the age of 17, I had the opportunity to model and realised this was my ticket to experience the world. So off I went on my 5 year adventure travelling and living in places all of over the world like Milan, Hong Kong, Thailand and San Francisco.

Growing up with a spiritual mum I was reading all sorts of self-help books so backstage at fashion shows like Giorgio Armani I’d be reading The Power Now (Eckhart Tolle) and Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsch) before strutting down the runway (fingers crossed I wouldn’t fall in crazy high heels). There was certainly champagne and parties but ultimately I was on a quest to know and understand myself better through these great minds and experiences. 

Although I had always seen the modelling industry as a great opportunity to travel and experience different cultures I just couldn’t stay in the industry any longer. The funny thing with spirituality is sometimes it can go too far one way and that’s where I felt I had gone so I took a long break from that too. I’d still mediate where necessary and be aware of what was going on around me as much as I could but ultimately I needed time to simply be me.

I decided to return to Australia where I set up my web design company for several years. Long story short, after realising there was only so much I could do running my own small business and inspired by the amazing work Pebble Design was doing I reached out to them and became their director of web and sales for the hotel and wellness industry. 

I have learned so much working with our hotel clients and building amazing and effective websites for them. Where things are getting interesting is that I feel the spiritual side of me has come full circle. Over the last few years, I’ve been heavily inspired by amazing thought leaders in the world and a lot of this information is spiritually based. The difference is it’s very grounded, often being backed up by science. This makes the content very easy to absorb and easy to share with people. 

Where I am now

I know now this is where I am mean to be and my focus lies in these areas;

  • Sharing grounded spiritual information backed by science in how it can help us perform better on all levels of our life.
  • Exercise and nutrition has always been a big part of my life but recently it has been levelled up by listing to amazing bio-hackers who again have approached this from a scientific level so they know the best ways to achieve the best results in nutrition and exercise. 
  • Wealth leaders who study the most successful leaders in the world and share the secrets. To integrate this information into our daily lives to help improve work culture, strategies for business growth and new perspectives and practices for growing business and contributing in a positive way that gives a lot of value to people. 

If you feel any urge to reach out and connect I'd love to hear from you. The beauty of life is there are no coincidences. To live in that space where we feel supported and in knowing of what feels right is a beautiful place to live. There are infinite possibilities, we just need to not be so distracted by life to be able to see them. 

With love, Estée xx

Question the status quo in a fun & loving way, with a sense of curiosity & playfulness.