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Estee Manning and  from Inspired Designs There has been a very big and wonderful restructuring in my life over the last several years. My life has been through many phases but this one is really the beginning of what it's all about for me. A key habit I’ve put in place the last several years is listening to thought leaders daily. This daily inspiration and education combined with meditation and other forms of energy work has dramatically changed not only the way I see life but how I experience it.

As we continue to learn, grow and deepen the connection we have with ourselves, life just continues to open up. There is such a big and beautiful plan for us all with gifts, opportunities, learning's and fulfilment in the form of experiences, people, feelings and our inner wisdom and the more we begin to trust ourselves and what we know is true for us, the more life continues to open up. To find that place where we understand that everything does matter and that joy is in the everyday, is in the simplicity of life, is in our state of being. We begin to settle into this dynamic relationship with life where we know life wants to play with us in a way that it surprises us with delight as it continues to offer ahha moments, synchronicities, new energised people enter our lives and experiences that we would of never believed possible for us are suddenly happen. We begin to understand that we can move beyond the limits that we have set for ourselves. We begin to understand that when we step out of our comfort zone we stretch and that they are the moments we can also access flow state - a state of being where we are fully present in the moment and fully energised by it.

There are so many people who offer insights as to how we can live in this state of being where we can create much more quickly the life, the love, the career, the passion, the health, the connection, the vitality we truly want to be living. Some of the topics that we love are bio-hacking life on a scientific level, lifestyle nutrition, gut microbiome, mitochondria and our energy, intermittent fasting, sleep quality, stress management, understanding everyday toxins, immune boosting, upgraded brain performance, hormone and blood work, superfoods, good quality fats, Paleo, Ayurvedic, grass feed and pasteurised foods, Tabata and high intensity interval training, neurofeedback, meditation, yoga, holistic and energy healing, essential oils and micronutrients, awareness, consciousness engineering, cognitive enhancement, peak performance, intuition, feminine energy...

I've realised part of my journey for now is sharing insights of these amazing hearts and minds. My partner Brendan and I, created this platform simplyonequestion.com which pulls content from thought leaders we have been inspired by. I'm also in the process of setting up a podcast to share powerful insights from people that I believe are bringing huge value to this world in helping humanity become happier, healthier and more self-aware. You can catch me over at Pebble Design where we are also helping hotels integrate guest well-being into their hotels.

If you're a talented web designer or developer, programmer, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing expert or inspired soul living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to work in a culture that is really supportive, expansive, innovative, collaborative, good fun and a place for you to grow and shine, we'd love you to hear from you.

With much love, Estée Manning

Simply One Question

From observing the ideas, wisdom, science and concepts of some of the world's greatest thought leaders, there seems to be a simple yet powerful common thread, it turns out to be - expansive questions and living in the present moment.

What we've found is that answers open new possibilities that were never available to us before, bringing about deep, transformation in our daily lives. Read more

Pebble Design

The opportunity beautifully opened up for Brendan and I to merge our passion for wellness with our hotel web agency so now we are moving in the direction of helping our clients integrate guest well-being practices and services into their hotels. I am truly grateful to be with the amazingly skilled, innovative, fun and wonderful team at Pebble Design. To see the amazing work that Pebble does you can visit pebbledesign.com


Both at Pebble Design and Simply One Question we are always on the look-out for web designers, programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing consultants or people who just know they need to be around positive people who are passionate about what they do and apprecitae a great environment to create and have fun in. Please feel free to reach out and connect.

Question the status quo in a fun & loving way, with a sense of curiosity & playfulness.