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Hello gorgeous,

Our capacity to create deeply fulfilling lives has never been more available as it is to us now, in this time in history... for anyone who is willing


We have so many resources at our fingertips, so much possible reach through the internet and yet, there can be a huge disconnection from ourselves and from what really matters to us and the direction we want to take. So I’m just on this journey like everyone else and I am curious and fascinated with life itself and how to play its game. It seems to only get richer, more dynamic and dare I say magnificent (although we often don't say that at the time!) in what it unravels for us to learn.

Simplicity is key for me in what can be a complex world. Things that bring me back to joy, to peace, to truth, to laughter with gorgeous high vibe people. Open minded conversations with inspiring people has always been a joy and lately my love of permaculture and tropical gardens keeps me busy and dirty most weekends... a lush playground of creative expression :-)

Estée Manning

A little about life now and her back story.

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Hotel Guest Well-being

It's such a joy meeting gorgeous, passionate people. Explore well-being conversations and interviews with leading experts and inspired businesses.

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Simply One Question

From observing the ideas, wisdom, science and concepts of some of the world's greatest thought leaders, there seems to be a simple yet powerful common thread and it turns out to be - expansive questions and living in the present moment. What we've found is that asking expansive questions opens up new possibilities that were never available to us before, bringing about deep, transformation in our daily lives.

My partner Brendan and I have also collated and shared insights from these amazing thought leaders that we really resonate with through this platform. Some of the topics that we love are bio-hacking, nutrition, gut microbiome, intermittent fasting, sleep, stress management, understanding everyday toxins, immunity, hormone and blood work, superfoods, good quality fats, neurofeedback, meditation, yoga, holistic and energy healing, awareness, consciousness, peak performance, intuition...

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A journey of discovery, adventure, learning & growth
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Pebble Design

Brendan and I run a busy hotel web agency which is renowned for beautiful hotel web design. Quite simply, our clients come to us because they want an outstanding website for their hotel. We have also been opening up the conversation around introducing guest well-being experiences, services and information into hotels. Something we are both really passionate about.

If you're a talented web designer or developer, copywriter, marketing expert or inspired soul living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to work in a culture that is really supportive, expansive, innovative, collaborative, good fun and a place for you to grow and shine, we'd love you to hear from you.

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