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Estee Manning and  from Inspired Designs There has been a very big and wonderful restructuring in my life over the last few years. I find myself incredibly inspired by amazing people who are leaders in their field. I make time to listen to them every morning through YouTube videos, webinars, online courses... These people are sharing the successes of their biggest challenges in life. Just to mention a few - understanding of energy/quantum physics, the mind, the heart, money, bio-hacking/health, business strategies... the list goes on. I love learning the goodies to help fast track living a more fulfilled life. Inspired by so much great information my partner Brendan and I created an audio blog called Inspired Conversations. We share short chats about the inspiring interviews we listen to.

Where I am at now is I still look after my current website clients however will not be taking on any new ones under Inpsired Designs. My focus is working with the incredible team at Pebble Design as the Web and Sales Director there as well as growing Inspired Conversations. I do love this name 'Inspired Designs' and know that it will have its part to play... I look forward to that.

If you're a talented web designer or developer, programmer, graphic designer, copywriter or inspired soul living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to work in a culture that is really supportive, expansive, innovative, collaborative, good fun and a place for you to grow and shine, we'd love you to hear from you.

With much love, Estée Manning

Inspired Conversations

An audio blog created by my partner Brendan and myself. We love being inspired every day and are always learning and listening to amazing people who are leaders in their field. We thought we’d share our learnings in short little audios. We understand the busyness of life but a little bit of morning inspiration is a great way to set the tone of your day. Find out more...

Pebble Design

Working Pebble Design as the Web and Sales Director I am truly grateful to be with the amazingly skilled, innovative, fun and wonderful people. Learning from all experiences the business is truly growing and evolving with the culture, systems, clients, innovation, business strategies... so everything is learnings and growth. To see the amazing work that Pebble does you can visit pebbledesign.com


Both at Pebble Design and Inspired Conversations we are looking for web designers, programmers, graphic designers, copywriters or people who just know they need to be around positive people who are passionate about what they do and apprecaite a great environment to create and have fun in. Please feel free to reach out and connect.

Question the status quo in a fun & loving way, with a sense of curiosity & playfulness.