THE WELL-BEING JOURNEY Simplicity, Alignment, Knowledge with Estée Manning
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Hello gorgeous,

What I'm realising, is our capacity to create deeply fulfilling lives has never been more available as it is to us now, in this time in history... for anyone who is willing and it's a lot simpler than what we make it out to be

What I love about life, is it continues to open up in the most beautiful ways if we do. The more connected we become to ourselves the more connected we become to everything around us - synchronicities open up, high vibe people enter our lives, there's more laughter, playfulness, more peace, more abundance... we are engaged with life on many more levels. Our inner resources continue to grow and we call on them all the time, using them as our navigation system for life.

It's not easy though. It does require a very high level of self-responsibility and to embrace parts of ourselves we don't want but I'm fascinated with this stuff!

This is the discover journey I'm on. What I'm realising is how simplicity (so refreshing in this over complicated world), alignment (connecting with our truth, not what society wants of us) and knowledge (opening our perspectives to grow and stretch and embody new ways of being) can make a huge impact in how we experience our lives and also what comes into our lives. Throw in a little playfulness and gentleness and the flavour only becomes more richer and smoother like a gorgeous aged red wine ;-)

Estée Manning

A little about life now and her back story.

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It's such a joy meeting gorgeous, passionate people. Join me on a journey of well-being conversations and interviews with leading experts and inspired businesses.

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Simply One Question

From observing the ideas, wisdom, science and concepts of some of the world's greatest thought leaders, there seems to be a simple yet powerful common thread and it turns out to be - expansive questions and living in the present moment. What we've found is that asking expansive questions opens up new possibilities that were never available to us before, bringing about deep, transformation in our daily lives.

My partner Brendan and I have also collated and shared insights from these amazing thought leaders that we really resonate with through this platform. Some of the topics that we love are bio-hacking, nutrition, gut microbiome, intermittent fasting, sleep, stress management, understanding everyday toxins, immunity, hormone and blood work, superfoods, good quality fats, neurofeedback, meditation, yoga, holistic and energy healing, awareness, consciousness, peak performance, intuition, feminine energy...

Simply One Question Website

A journey of discovery, adventure, learning and growth… your brilliance.
Join us at Simply One Question.

Pebble Design

The opportunity beautifully opened up for Brendan and I to merge our passion for wellness with our hotel web agency. This is very exciting and one we feel will help make such a difference in people's lives. We are primed and open to new experiences while on holiday so what better way to be introduced to well-being experiences, services and information.

If you're a talented web designer or developer, copywriter, marketing expert or inspired soul living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to work in a culture that is really supportive, expansive, innovative, collaborative, good fun and a place for you to grow and shine, we'd love you to hear from you.

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